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The quality center covers an area of about 300 square meters. It consists of a physical room, chemical room, food packaging test room, sample room, positive control room, culture room, and biological test room.

Under the leadership of the company, all the staff of the quality center will resolutely implement the quality policy of "scientific, accurate and meticulous", pioneer and innovate, forge ahead, continuously improve the testing level, strictly control the quality, and ensure that the products and quality management of the company reach the international leading level.

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At present, the quality center equipped with an electronic moisture meter, density balance, sealed tester, multi-purpose oscillator, torsion tester, ultraviolet analyzer, all kinds of drying boxes, resistance furnace, water bath pot, constant temperature and humidity incubator, biochemical incubator, clean worktable, and other precision instruments. The sterile room that can reach the standard of 10000 levels, and it can meet the requirements of the national food and drug packaging material standards and the requirements of customers at home and abroad.